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ADV - Book Club- Field Study: Meditations on a Year at the Herbarium

Book Club- Field Study: Meditations on a Year at the Herbarium website

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Drury Lane Books is excited to announce a book club partnership with the North Shore Chapter of the MN Master Naturalist. Four different Master Naturalists will lead a discussion on an exciting and informative book each month this fall. Calling all nature enthusiasts and lovers of natural history, this engaging community-building Zoom book group is tailor-made for you!

Big thank you to Cook County Higher Education for hosting the Zoom discussions. All books are available at Drury Lane Books in Grand Marais (address above) and the public library.

This month will be hosted by Janet Kampa and Betsy Blume, Master Naturalists. Field Study: Meditations on a Year at the Herbarium. By Helen Humphreys Over the course of a year, Author Helen Humphreys considers life and loss and the importance of finding solace in nature.

In this exquisitely penned and beautifully illustrated book, Humphreys, a celebrated poet, and novelist, revisits her series of reflections on nature. She delves deep into the world of herbariums, uncovering the tales of individuals who, in the 19th and 20th centuries, curated collections of plant specimens. From the collections of literary figures like Emily Dickinson and Henry David Thoreau to the anonymous amateur naturalists whose contributions have endured, these herbariums serve as historical records of the unassuming plants that persist in our world, as well as those that have vanished. Spanning a year, Humphreys contemplates themes of existence, loss, and the significance of seeking solace in the embrace of nature.

Adorned with captivating images of herbarium specimens, Humphreys's personal botanical sketches, and archival photographs, this book stands as an appreciated read for admirers, enthusiasts of the natural world, and all those who were captivated by "Birds Art Life," her previous work.

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Dominique Menard

Dominique has been a naturalist at heart her whole life, but added to her technical knowledge after graduating with a BAS in environmental and outdoor education from University of Minnesota Duluth. She is a Project Learning Tree trainer, a member of the Cook County Invasives Team, and currently working as the naturalist for Sugarloaf Cove Nature Center.

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