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ADV - NPLD Minnehaha Regional Park, Minneapolis

NPLD Minnehaha Regional Park, Minneapolis website

4655 45th Ave South
Minneapolis, MN 55406

National Public Lands Day 2023 is a statewide event that provides unique opportunities for Minnesota Master Naturalist Volunteers to participate in our largest single day of service. Locations across the state will have MNats and others out helping to make Minnesota a better place!

Friends and family are welcome to participate, but must be registered to receive a NPLD water bottle. Everyone will sign a photo release upon site registration. All participants will receive a free NPLD water bottle as a thank you for participating.

Friends of Minnehaha Park has a new Stewardship Agreement with the Minneapolis Park Board to support invasives removal at Minnehaha Park. The specified zone in the park is near the old deer pen just down from the lower Wabun Picnic Area, where there is free parking available. https://goo.gl/maps/C9u6SRAG5DUaQBTP7

Volunteers will be asked to be provide a variety of roles:

1) 1-2 Minnesota Master Naturalists will help out at the Welcome Table, (alongside 2 Friends of Minnehaha Park) where they will represent Minnesota Master Naturalists as co-sponsors of the event. They can display information and bring swag, as available for the focus day.

2) 6-8 Minnesota Master Naturalists will be Lead Volunteers for this event, directing the efforts of volunteers recruited from the public and providing instruction for them. They will work alongside volunteers and assist in buckthorn removal as possible while providing leadership. If you would like to provide leadership to the Invasive Blitz part of the program please let us know.

We’ll meet by zoom in advance of the event to agree on roles and exchange information and resources available.

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