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ADV - Introduction to Mosses

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8793 Owl Avenue
Meadowlands, MN 55765

Mosses are all around us in the Sax-Zim Bog and make up an incredibly part in the creation and support of bog ecosystems. However, mosses and their bryophyte relatives can be incredibly hard to identify. With a group of species that is hard to identify, it is always important to start by learning the familiar and common species, which is what we will be doing on this field trip! Come and begin your journey into the wonderful world of mosses on this introductory field trip focusing on both natural history and identification of this diverse and difficult to identify group.

Plan on getting wet during this field trip! Rubber boots or an extra pair of shoes will be useful, as will hand lenses. Extra hand lenses will be available for use. Plan on bringing a lunch and any other snacks/water you may need for the day.

The course cost is $35 and includes course manuals and supplies.

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Clinton Dexter-Nienhaus

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