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ADV - Bioacoustics for Bats: How Sound Informs Conservation

Bioacoustics for Bats: How Sound Informs Conservation website

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Enter into the nocturnal soundscape with bats! These cryptic mammals rely on ultrasonic sound for navigation, foraging, and social communication. Bat calls that are well out of human hearing range are now able to be recorded using acoustic detectors, allowing biologists a glimpse into the secretive world of bats. Bioacoustics sheds light on important information about bat species presence or absence, habitat preferences, phenology, population trends, and much more. Importantly, the tool is now an essential component for monitoring declining bat populations. Join us to learn about the fascinating world of bat acoustics and find out how you can eavesdrop on bats in your area!

Speaker: Melissa Boman, Mammal Specialist, Minnesota Biological Survey

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Britt Forsberg

Britt Forsberg (she/her/hers) is an Extension Educator with the Minnesota Master Naturalist Program. She holds a BA in Biology and Environmental Studies from Gustavus Adolphus College and an MEd in Family Education from the University of Minnesota. Within the Minnesota Master Naturalist program, Britt develops and leads advanced training opportunities that lead to volunteer service. When she's not working, you may find her hiking with her nose to the ground to look for bees and other pollinators or wrangling her rambunctious toddler, Wren.

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