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PP - Ney Nature Center, Henderson, MN

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28238 Nature Center Lane
Henderson, MN 56044

Join Ney Naturalists in this exploration of the prairies and potholes of Southern Minnesota. We will meet Tuesday nights 7/11- 9/26 at the Ney Nature Center near Henderson, MN. We will explore the geology, plant communities, wildlife, aquatic systems and human history of the prairies and potholes on the Ney Property, with field trips to various other lands along the Minnesota River Valley. We will take a close look at what makes this biome so important for the biodiversity of Minnesota's flora and fauna, as well as restoration efforts on Ney's prairies. All participants will complete a small group capstone service project.

The course cost is $275 and includes course manuals and supplies.

If the course cost is a hardship, please fill out the scholarship application. After the scholarship is fully processed, you will receive a code to be entered in the on-line registration process. Please wait until you receive that code to complete registration.

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Alex Colling

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Ney Nature Center

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