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ADV - Spider Extravaganza-Audubon Center

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54165 Audubon Drive, PO Box 53
Sandstone, MN 55072

Have you ever wonder about our eight-legged friends who live all around us? Do you love photographing their webs in the early mornings? Are you interested in what they eat and how they catch their prey? What makes their eyes so special and can they really sail across a field? Do all spiders make webs? These arthropods play a key role in our northern climate’s ecosystem with their venomous fangs eating our annoying insect pests. Did you know that each species has a signature web that that you can learn to read?

Spend an afternoon, evening and the following morning with renowned spider-man expert, author and naturalist, Larry Weber on a spider extravaganza. You will collect, study, photograph and learn all there is known about them in an 8 hour, 2 day workshop. Be sure to bring your camera and knee pads for an amazing early morning web photography experience.

These Master Naturalist workshops are open to anyone, from beginners to experts.

July 27, 2019 2:00 pm Arrival and check in 2:15 pm Afternoon class indoors and out; two to three hours Spiders 101; Here we discuss and look at the Spiders active in the daylight; many are not making webs. 5:30 pm Dinner (check into your room) 6:30 pm Evening Class; two to three hours. We will discuss and look at Spiders that make webs at dusk.

July 28, 2019 5:30 am Early morning dew walk on the second day; one or two hours We will go for a walk to see the webs that are frequently coated with dew as they become more visible. Cameras are a must! 9:00 am Breakfast 10:00 am Depart for Home

Cost: 95.00 Master Naturalists, | $110 Non-Master Naturalist - includes lodging, meals and materials
Lodging: Bring your own bedding (sleeping bag or blankets) personal hygiene items, 2 or 3 adults to a room on bottom bunks. Shared bathrooms.

Instructor: Larry Weber, MN Master Naturalist Instructor and author of countless podcasts and books on observing nature, critters and phenology of northern Minnesota. Winner of both MN (1993) and National Science Teacher of the year in 1998.

The course cost is $95 and includes course manuals and supplies.

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Stephan Carlson

Dr. Carlson has worked for the U of M Extension and the College of Food Agriculture and Natural Resource Sciences for the last 28 years doing outreach and teaching classes in environmental education (EE) and environmental interpretation. He has worked in the fields of EE, outdoor recreation, informal science education and environmental interpretation for the past 40 years. In addition to his work teaching interpretation, he also teaches Science and Math summer school on the White Earth Indian Reservation. His research is on understanding the components that informal science experiences have on young people and how to develop quality programs that incorporate these components in environmental education.

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