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It may not look much like spring in Northern Minnesota in late April, but spring in the Northland has an amazing diversity of birds! Some are still hanging out because they stay here in the Arctic Riviera all winter, while others are just arriving from the south. Let the birds convince you that it’s spring regardless of the color of the surrounding landscape. Join us for an exploration of who’s out there in Duluth and along Lake Superior in this exciting spring migration workshop! We will seek to find migratory species and residents at a variety of birding hotspot locations and especially highlight the amazing diversity of raptor species moving through at this point in the year.

Spring Migration 2-Day Workshop
Saturday, April 27 & Sunday, April 28, 2019 (LIMIT 12, Minimum 5)
Cost: $80 members/students/MN Master Nats, $100 non-members
Meeting Location: Twin Ponds parking area on West Skyline Parkway (directions will be sent to participants)
Meeting Time: 10:00am on Sat. 2/27 with additional optional field trips on Friday evening 8:30pm and Saturday morning 6:30am (more info on field trips below)
Duration: concludes at 1:00 pm on Sun. 4/28
What to Bring: Binoculars, portable chair and dress in layers. Bring your own snacks and drinks and bag lunch
Leader(s): Margie Menzies with assistance from other Hawk Ridge Staff.

Description: Have you ever wondered about differences in spring migration versus fall? Do birds use the same route in the spring that they used in the fall? Do adult birds and immature birds travel at the same time? Can you age and sex a bird in flight? How does weather impact migration patterns – what is fallout and is there raptor fallout? This workshop will address all of these questions, as well as the overall science of spring migration, learning basic ID skills, and counting essentials, and exploring first hand one of the top spring raptor migration sites in the US. This field-oriented program will explore different locations based on what is happening with the weather, and we will try to go where the birds are! Warm up before the actual workshop with optional field trips on Friday evening and Saturday morning. John Richardson, professional bird guide and the Hawk Ridge Spring Count Interpreter/Fall Count Director, will also join us as a guide for both of these field trips. NOTE: These are additional field trips at a discounted cost ($10/trip) for workshop participants. At 10:00 AM on Sat. we’ll begin the formal workshop, and concentrate on the world of spring raptor migration until about 4:30 PM, when we will break for dinner. In the evening, as part of our spring festival participants can attend the evening presentation given by Carrol Henderson on the recovery of Peregrine Falcons in Minnesota held at 7:00 pm at the Radisson in Downtown Duluth. Sunday morning will come bright and early with a field trip at 6:30 AM to Park Point and see who’s on the lake, who’s in the harbor, and who’s present on the land between. We will plan to end early afternoon about 1:00 pm. We will carpool to different locations as needed. Weather may play a role in determining what portions of the workshop happen when and where, but our goal is to see as many spring birds as we can over the 2-3 day span.

Register at https://www.hawkridge.org/event/spring-migration-celebration-april-26-28/

The course cost is $80 and includes course manuals and supplies.

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Margie Menzies

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Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory

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