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Learn how to work with decision makers, influence management decisions and stop the spread of invasive species!

Have you been working on invasive species issues but feel compelled to do more? Taking part in the EmpowerU Advocacy Training Program will move your invasive species work to the next level!

In this 4 week course, woodland and shoreline owners, master volunteers, and natural resources professionals can grow their skills to meaningfully engage decision makers about invasive species. Through a series of self-paced online learning activities and one in-person workshop, participants will:

Gain understanding of the roles and levels of government and who to contact regarding invasive species management. Learn to use skills such as influence, power, persuasion, framing, questioning and listening in interactions with decision makers. Know where to find reputable information on the status of invasive species in your area. Create an engagement plan and experience practicing it in a safe, peer-learning environment. See yourself as a resource to decision makers on invasive species management. View engagement with decision makers as a norm and encourage others to do it. Network with other people passionate to make a difference around invasive species.

Course outline and expectations Course length: 4.5 weeks

Delivery method: hybrid (online and in-person)

Time commitment: Participants will complete 8 online modules which should take about one hour each. The required in-person workshop will be a full day or 2 half days totaling 6 hours.

Recommended course completion timeline: Week 1 - Online modules 1 & 2 Week 2 - Online modules 3 & 4 Week 3 - Online modules 5 & 6 Week 4 - Online modules 7 & 8 Week 5 - Workshop In person, March 9, 2019. Course Fee is $50.00

The course cost is $50 and includes course manuals and supplies.

Course Dates:

Meeting from 8:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. on:

Instructor Information

Angela Gupta

Angie Gupta is an Extension Forester based in Rochester, MN. Her professional focus is to train natural resource professionals and forest land owners about terrestrial invasive species and general best practices for maintaining healthy forest ecosystems.

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University of MN Extension

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