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NPLD Itasca State Park

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Mary Gibbs Headwaters Center
Shevlin, MN 56676

Join staff from Itasca state park and the UM Crookston campus for this year's National Public Lands Day 2018! Volunteers will meet at 10:00 am at the Mary Gibbs Visitor Center. A group of students and faculty from the UM Crookston will be leaving campus at 7:30 AM and you could ride with that group -- for more information and to reserve a seat, contact John Loegering at 218-281-8014 or jloegeri@umn.edu.

Description of work: Volunteers will be placing paper “bud caps” on white, red, and jack pines in the park. All supplies will be provided at the park. The process is simple – see the short video to prepare you for your day’s activity. http://youtu.be/kAtc-ZQHT6M. At the park, we meet to begin at 10:00 AM in the parking lot at Mary Gibbs Headwaters Center. We are scheduled to work until 3:00 PM. This work will involve walking off trail through the woods, brush, or recently-harvested stands.

Special tools or equipment: Long pants and long shirt sleeves are essential. STURDY FOOTWEAR is a must (i.e., that woodsy pair of flip-flops will not cut it). Gloves are optional but may be desired by some participants (thin gardening gloves might be handy). Please bring your personal snacks and especially a water bottle or two. There will be no place to purchase supplemental water, soda, or snacks so pack your bags!

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