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ADV - Bumble Bee ID Level 2-St. Paul Campus

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485 Hodson Hall, 1980 Folwell
Saint Paul, MN 55108

A four week class focusing on bumble bee ID covering MN bumble bee species, led by bumble bee expert Dr. Elaine Evans, extension educator and founder of the Minnesota Bumble Bee Survey. We will use both specimens and photos to identify bumble bees to species. Specimens and microscopes will be provided during class. A quiz will take place during each class period. In addition to ID, we will cover and practice common survey techniques with live bees, including marking, and photographing using restraining devices.

Prerequisite: U of MN Bee Atlas or Xerces Society Bumble Bee ID workshop, or equivalent bumble bee ID experience. You should have basic bumble bee ID skills such as differentiating males and females, and recognizing common bumble bee species such as B. griseocollis, B. bimaculatus, and B. impatiens.

Successful completion of this class will qualify you be a Worker Bee for the Minnesota Bumble Bee Survey. Worker Bees are needed to assist Expert Survey Leaders (queen bees) at survey dates by marking and releasing bees and recording data. Additional training in ID will take place during surveys with the possibility of becoming an Expert Survey Leader.

Syllabus Week 1: B. impatiens. B. bimaculatus, B. griseocollis, B. auricomus, B. pensylvanicus, B. citrinus Protocol 1: MN Bumble Bee survey protocol, mark and release

Week 2: B. vagans, B. sandersoni, B. perplexus, B. fervidus, B. borealis, B. ternarius Protocol 2: UMN Bee Atlas survey protocol, restrained photos

Week3: B. rufocinctus, B. terricola, B. affinis, B. frigidus Protocol 3: Bumble Bee Watch protocol, photos on flowers

Week 4: B. variablis, B. bohemicus, B. insularis, B. flavidus, B. suckleyi Protocol 4: USFWS rusty-patched bumble bee protocols

The $100 course fee covers "Bumble Bees of North America" and other printed materials to aid identification and surveying

The course cost is $100 and includes course manuals and supplies.

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Meeting from 6:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. on:

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Britt Forsberg

Britt Forsberg is the program coordinator for the Minnesota Native Bee Atlas, a citizen science program developed to create an open, comprehensive database of native bee species in Minnesota. She uses her experiences leading youth and adults in inquiry science and the outdoors to help guide students to the realization that anyone can be a scientist. Britt holds a BA in Biology and Environmental Studies from Gustavus Adolphus College and an MEd in Family Education from the University of Minnesota.

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University of MN Entomology Dept

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