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ADV - Native Bees of MN

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Plant Growth Facility Room 140
Saint Paul, MN 55113

Did you know there are 400 species of native bees in Minnesota? They come in a variety of sizes and colors beyond the familiar black and yellow stripes, and exhibit different foraging and nesting behaviors. This 3-hour class provides a brief overview of the 6 families of bees in Minnesota, including the natural history of social species, ground nesting and stem nesting bees. Guest speakers include bumble bee expert Dr. Elaine Evans, Dr. Dan Cariveau of the Cariveau Native Bee Lab, and graduate student James Wolfin. The class is held on the U of MN, St. Paul Campus, in the Plant Growth Facility. The day will conclude with a tour of the new University of Minnesota Bee Research Facility. Parking is available in several lots, and the Gortner Ramp for a fee.

The course cost is $35 and includes course manuals and supplies.

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Michelle Boone

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University of MN Entomology Dept

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