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Cedar Creek's long-running experiments on oak savanna restoration and management are getting a new addition in 2018 - bison! We are looking for a team of naturalists interested in staffing our new bison viewing gazebo on Saturdays during the growing season. We will provide you with training, information, handouts and savanna biofacts, and coordinate a regular schedule for the summer. You do NOT need to be free every Saturday - the hope is to set up a rotation of naturalists. Read more about the research project here. Contact Caitlin Barale Potter caitlin@umn.edu if you are potentially interested!

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Caitlin Potter

Dr. Potter is the education and outreach coordinator at Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve. Her background is in wildlife ecology, and she holds a B.S. in Wildlife, Fish and Conservation Biology as well as a masters and Ph.D in ecology and evolutionary biology. She studied wildlife and animal behavior all over the world (mostly monkeys in Ethiopia) before finding her true passion doing environmental education! Now, she runs school field trips and public events at CCESR, works with scientists to get their results into the hands of students, and organizes several citizen science projects.

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