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ADV - Plant Hydraulics in Grassland Communities - Lunch with a Scientist

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We invite you to attend our Lunch with a Scientist series from the comfort, cleanliness and safety of your own home! You must register at z.umn.edu/LWASonline in order to receive the Zoom webinar link and password.
br> Topic: Plant hydraulic traits that influence grassland communities Presented by: Kim O'Keefe, research associate in botany at UW Madison

Join life-long learners virtually for a monthly lunch and learn series at Cedar Creek. Bring your lunch and hunger for knowledge, we will provide the brain food! Global climate change is altering the availability of key limiting resources for plants, which can impact their growth and distribution across the landscape. However, what determines the limits of plant functioning under environmental stresses associated with climate change is still poorly understood. Dr. Kim O’Keefe will share how she investigates variation in plant water-use traits among different grassland species and uses this information to understand how tallgrass prairie communities may function in a future climate.

A short registration process is required to virtually attend the webinar (beyond enrolling on Master Naturalist or Destiny One), so plan to spend 5-10 minutes ahead of the program making sure you are correctly signed up at z.umn.edu/LWASonline!

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Caitlin Potter

Dr. Potter is the education and community engagement coordinator at Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve. Her background is in wildlife ecology, and she holds a B.S. in Wildlife, Fish and Conservation Biology as well as a masters and Ph.D in ecology and evolutionary biology. She studied wildlife and animal behavior all over the world (mostly monkeys in Ethiopia) before finding her true passion doing environmental education! Now, she runs school field trips and public events at CCESR, works with scientists to get their results into the hands of students, and organizes several citizen science projects.

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