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ADV - Webinar: Fire, Carbon, and Humans Oh My

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Lewiston, MN 55952

Tommy Rodengen, PhD, School of Resource and Environmental Management Simon Fraser University, will present in a webinar to share his study of fire, vegetation, and human involvement on the paleo landscape, best understood from lake sediment core charcoal, carbon, pollen, and other paleo proxies.

Course Description
In this webinar you will be given a series of one hour presentations on the following topics:
1) What is paleolimnology
2) How humans settled North America
3) Methods of collecting lake sediment core
4) Vegetation on the landscape
5) The pollen story
5) Fire on the landscape
6) The charcoal story
7) Carbon and Nitrogen on the landscape
8) The geochemical story
9) How humans have changed the landscape
10) Climate change in the paleo record
11) The way forward
12) Student Presentations*

*Around week 2, pick a topic that interests you and, give a brief presentation on your topic in the last seminar.

You will receive the link prior to the class.

Course Dates:

Meeting from 8:00 A.M. to 9:00 A.M. on:

Instructor Information

Tommy Rodengen

Parks Canada Research Scientist

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Creative Scientific

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