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ADV - Webinar: Cedar Creek-Lunch with a Scientist - Small Mammals

Webinar: Cedar Creek-Lunch with a Scientist - Small Mammals website

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Topic: Small Mammal Research at Cedar Creek

Featured speaker: Janine Mistrick is a 3 rd -year PhD student in the Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior program at the University of Minnesota. She is advised by Dr. Meggan Craft and is interested in how heterogeneity in the environment affects disease occurrence in wild, free-ranging rodent species. Her upcoming dissertation research will focus on understanding the role of rodent space use in influencing viral disease transmission under experimentally-manipulated food availability and intestinal worm infection in wild voles in Finland.

In the summer of 2019, she conducted a field study at Cedar Creek and Itasca State Park live-trapping wild mice (genus Peromyscus) in natural habitats and around buildings and human habitation. She collected fecal and blood samples to test for the presence/absence of pathogens known to be carried by wild rodents but also capable of infecting humans. By extracting DNA from fecal samples and screening for the presence of Giardia-specific gene sequences, she was able to identify individuals positive for Giardia infection. Positive samples were sequenced to identify Giardia species known to be zoonotic (able to infect humans and animals) as opposed to those which are rodent-specific. Overall, this research can contribute to our understanding of how natural and human-shaped landscapes in different geographic regions in the state of Minnesota play a role in shaping disease occurrence in wildlife and potentially how this may affect human health.

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Tillery Bailey

Tillery is serving her second year as the Minnesota GreenCorps Member at Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve. MN GreenCorps is an AmeriCorps program sponsored by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, which allows young environmental professionals to gain practical experience. At Cedar Creek she serves as a member of the education and outreach team.

Tillery graduated from the University of Minnesota in December 2017 with a BS in Recreation Administration and a Management minor. She loves teaching yoga, spending time outside, and creating the occasional art project.

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Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve

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