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BWBR - River Bend Nature Center, Faribault, MN

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Faribault, MN 55021

Do you enjoy learning about animals, plants, rocks, and weather? If so, consider becoming a Minnesota Master Naturalist volunteer at River Bend Nature Center this summer! This is a great life-long learning opportunity and perfect time of the year to experience the buzz of insects, chirp of birds and bloom of color in the world around us.

This course will cover the natural and cultural history of the ‘Big Woods, Big Rivers’ region which runs diagonally across Minnesota from the Northwest to the Southeast. It will provide an in-depth study of the big woods/big rivers ecosystems learning about geology, plants and trees, animals, ecology, water, and human impacts on the environment as well as how to convey this knowledge to others and be a steward of the land.

Through the course, participants will develop their ability to observe nature and will learn tools to improve these skills. In addition, participants will improve their communication skills by sharing knowledge with other participants and work on a group project.

Join Master Naturalist instructors Jim Platt, Breanna Wheeler, Katy Anderegg, and Molly Olson and watch the early summer beauty of the maple basswood forest and Straight River unfold at River Bend Nature Center and in field trips to surrounding areas. There will be two required field trips that will happen during the class hours listed.

The course cost is $295 and includes course manuals and supplies.

If the course cost is a hardship, please fill out the scholarship application. After the scholarship is fully processed, you will receive a code to be entered in the on-line registration process. Please wait until you receive that code to complete registration.

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Breanna Wheeler

Molly Olson

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