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ADV - Amazing Owls: Ecology, Mysteries and Research

Amazing Owls: Ecology, Mysteries and Research website

6008 London Rd.
Duluth, MN 55803

A grouping of owls is called a Parliament. Join us at Hawk Ridge for a two day Owl Parliament focused on discovering more about these mostly nocturnal and mysterious HOOOdini’s of the bird world – perfect for those WHOO wonder about owls!

Did you know there are 19 species of owls in the US? What are the stories of the 12 species found in Minnesota? Where do they live, when and where are you likely to see them, what do they sound like? What does it mean to be zygodactyl, can they really turn their heads all the way around, and what other tricks (adaptations) do they have in the toolbox? What is the status of these owl species in Minnesota? We will explore all these topics and more during this workshop. Be prepared- some of this workshop will be nocturnal and some during the day! Bring your spirit of adventure, lots of layers, and plenty of curiosity to learn more about the fascinating world of the owls. Participants will have the opportunity (weather permitting) to visit the Hawk Ridge owl banding station, and learn more about our efforts in owl research, and perhaps release a banded owl back to the wild.

Schedule is subject to change (pending inclement weather). Margie will contact participants with further details in the week prior to the workshop week.

What to Bring: Binoculars and dress in layers. Bring your own snacks and drinks, you will need a bag lunch for Friday.

Duration: Formal workshop concludes at 3:30 pm on Fri. 10/12. Optional opportunity to stick around and hear Scott Weidensaul present Owls: Souls of the Night. Scott is one of North America’s premier owl experts and author of new book “Peterson Reference Guide to Owls of North America and the Caribbean.” He will be speaking as part of the Hawk Ridge Gala Event which begins at 5:00 pm. Workshop participants who register for both will receive a discount.

Cost: $100 members/students, $125 non-members ( NOTE: $5 registration increase after 9/25!)
LIMIT 12; Minimum 5

REGISTER NOW! https://www.hawkridge.org/event/amazing-owls-ecology-mysteries-and-research-workshop/

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Margie Menzies

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Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory

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