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BWBR - Whitewater State Park Natural History of the Driftless Area

Whitewater State Park, Altura website

19041 Highway 74, Altura MN 55
Altura, MN 55910

Learn about the unique plants, animals and ecosystems in the Big Woods, Big Rivers biome of the Driftless Area in southeast Minnesota. We will explore Whitewater State Park and nearby public lands to learn about this area that was untouched by the last glaciers.

The course cost is $295 and includes course manuals and supplies.

If the course cost is a hardship, please fill out the scholarship application and send it to us.

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Sara Holger

Sara has worked as a naturalist for sixteen years, leading programs and activities for a variety of natural resources agencies and organizations including the US Forest Service Resort Naturalist Program, the DNR MinnAqua Program, the Bell Museum of Natural History, Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center, and Olmsted County Parks. Since 1999,Sara has worked as a naturalist for MN State Parks at Forestville/Mystery Cave State Park and Whitewater State Park. She currently works as the Lead Naturalist at Whitewater State Park and is involved as Vice President of the Board of Directors for Project Get Outdoors, Inc., a non-profit organization that helps MN communities develop after school program to connect children to nature exploration.

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Whitewater State Park

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